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Tallahassee Electrician Service

Tallahassee Electrician Service

A licensed electrician can provide an enormous level of utility and value to property owners, through electrical repair, maintenance, and installation work. Electrical systems are the bedrock of any property. For many people, they’re needed to light up properties, heat buildings, power appliances and devices, and keep the property safe through security systems. When these electrical systems fall into a state of disrepair, it has a major negative impact on the functionality of the property – and requires immediate intervention. An accomplished electrical safety and repair expert can restore the property back to normal, and keep things ticking over. In this regard, we believe that we offer the most reliable and affordable services in the region.

About Us
At Tallahassee Electrician Service, our chief concern is keeping the properties across the Tallahassee, Florida area in a working, efficient condition. We do this through the provision of highly regarded troubleshooting and electrical repair and maintenance services – though, of course, our services extend far beyond that. We’ve forged a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy operator, and this is reflected in the amount of business that we receive through customer referrals and word of mouth – our customers simply can’t stop saying positive things about our business. Naturally, we’re very grateful to our customers for this show of faith, which is hugely vindicating.

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Our Services

We believe that we offer the premier electrician services in the Tallahassee region, and to live up to that billing, we make sure that we’re always offering a broad and comprehensive range of services to our customers. We’re obviously happy to help with both residential and commercial electrical problems, and beyond repair and maintenance work, we also assist our customers with new installations, and the upgrade of electrical services too. Whether you need someone to repair & replace switches across your property, or you’re in need of a ceiling fan wiring & installation expert, we’re going to be able to assist you without any issue.



We’ve demonstrated very clearly that we’re capable of looking after any residential customers that need assistance. We can help with the installation of More



Commercial properties perhaps require electrician expertise even more than residential properties. After all, if a business is suffering from reduced electrical More


Upgrade Electrical Services

If you decide to upgrade electrical services at your property, it’s critical that you bring in an experienced electrician service to carry out the process. It requires More


Trouble Shooting & Repair

A troubleshooting and repair service will make sure that, if you have any electrical problems at your property, they won’t persist for long. We can replace More


Interior & Exterior Lighting

Our interior and exterior lighting repair and installation service is standing at the ready to assist you with any service requests that you have. Lighting is both a More


24 Hour Emergency Services

Our 24 hour emergency services are available for any residential or commercial property in the Tallahassee region. We’ll be there for you, night or day, to restore More

Customer Review

“I was thoroughly impressed with Tallahassee Electrician Service when they came to my home in the middle of the night when our power went off. They got to work quickly and were always reassuring, just the kind of service that you’d want during an emergency.” – Lizzy H.

“Tallahassee Electrician Service has been the electrical repair crew that I’ve used for my commercial properties for years, and they’ve always done a great job. Professional, punctual, affordable – it’s everything that you need from a business like this.” – Bryan K.

“The friendly brand of professional service I received from Tallahassee Electrician Service was an absolute pleasure, and made the upgrade to my electrical services a much more stress-free experience than I was anticipating. It was honestly a much more straightforward process than what I had been dreading. Highly recommended.” – Kevin T.


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If you’re seeking an experienced, reliable, and reputable electrician service, we’re confident that you’re not going to find a better option anywhere in the area. To get some further insights into our various services and pricing structures, or to book in an appointment, speak to our customer service team. They’re available during regular working hours over the phone, or you can speak to them by using our online contact form outside of those hours. Of course, both contact points are accessible on our company website – as is our 24 hour emergency number. For any electrical needs that you have going forward, think of Tallahassee Electrician Service.