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Upgrade Electrical Services

Upgrade Electrical Service In Tallahassee

Many of the properties across the Tallahassee, Florida area were built a long time ago, so it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that the electrical systems are not able to handle modern electrical demands. While you might not have a complete functionality breakdown at your property, it’s possible that you’ll have experienced issues and concerns that range from being a minor irritation to a more sizable nuisance. If you believe that your property is struggling to manage the electrical demands that are present, you need to consider an electric service upgrade. At Tallahassee Electrician Service, we have an extensive service record delivering upgrade electrical services, so we’re confident that we’ll have the means and the experience to take on any work that you require. Below, we’ll give you information on the process that’s required, and the reasons that you ought to be looking at having this carried out.

The Process
Generally speaking, upgrading electrical services tend to be a pretty major job. The basic process is to upgrade the electrical service in the property to 200 amps, though in some properties it might be required to increase it to 400 amps or more. This requires us to replace the weather head, the grounding and bonding systems, load side service entrance cable, side service entrance cable, and the electric panel in your property. The panel is the component that divvies out electricity to the different circuits and systems present in your property. If this component is struggling with the power demands, you could have all sorts of issues crop up at one time or another.

Potential Concerns
So, how do you know when you might need to upgrade electrical services at your property? After all, it’s not immediately clear to people what the energy demands already are. Common issues that people face, which are usually related to insufficient electrical services, include: flickering lights, circuit breakers that frequently trip, overheating panels, insufficient outlets, and more. This really is just a small selection of the potential issues that you could face if you continue to neglect an upgrade.

Timing Upgrades
It’s quite common for properties to need an upgrade to electrical services every so often, and if it’s been a certain period of time where your property has stuck with the same system, it’s wise to bring in a licensed electrician to assess whether an electrical service upgrade would improve performance and efficiency. For most properties, it’s wise to replace your electrical panel every 20 to 40 years. Obviously, this will be determined by the kind of panel that you already have at your property.

Professional Intervention Needed
We understand that there’s sometimes a reluctance to bring in an electrician to change things at your property – particularly since many of the electricians in the region are not affordable. But this is a major job that will affect the entirety of your property, so you’re going to need a professional, experienced electrician for the task. We’re happy to offer our knowledge and skill at a reasonable price point, for the benefit of everybody.

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